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ETA recommends “Thinking Big” on transportation proposal

Last week, Senate Transportation Committee Chair Steve Hobbs (D-Lake Stevens) released his transportation proposal to fund transportation projects across Washington state. The ETA provided public comment, with Chair Emeritus Vic Bishop stating that the proposal falls short, citing the $15 billion needed on I-405 per PSRC’s Regional Transportation Plan.

Vic Bishop provided testimony to the Transportation Committee last week

Bishop noted that ETA has spent 30 years working on improving I-405. His sobering analysis states that we are one-third of the way to completing the I-405 Master Plan. Completing the Master Plan would accommodate a 50% increase in trip demand since 2002.

The ETA continues to be the voice for those stuck in miserable traffic on I-405. To join us in our efforts or to renew your membership, please go to

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