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The ETA held the Eastside Transportation Issues Briefing during our July 18, 2018 monthly meeting. Candidates for office learned about ETA's mission to reduce congestion by finishing the I-405 Master Plan, tying spending to demand and ways to fund critical infrastructure.


The ETA seeks to analyze data and produce objective information that is an aid to policymakers, legislators and technical professionals who plan, fund, operate and execute investments in transportation projects. We promote mobility investments with reasonable benefit-to-cost ratios and measurable outcomes that serve the largest number of people possible.  Read our full mission statement and our brochure.



Our organization holds to an optimistic view of the future:  a multi-modal transportation system where freeway congestion is addressed with targeted capacity expansions, mobility is provided through a broad suite of private- and public-sector transportation options, and revenues to fund transportation projects are collected in the simplest, most efficient, possible way and invested to protect the public’s tax contribution to the State highway system and local roads.


ETA’s Work

We carry out this work through our key programs, our legislative agenda, and the efforts of our all-volunteer James W MacIsaac Research Committee.  In 2018, we are moving forward with three key programs: Fixing I-405, Investing in Roads and Highways, and Holding Sound Transit Accountable.

ETA Board
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