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The ETA carries out its work through our Key Programs, legislative agenda, and the efforts of the all-volunteer James W MacIsaac Research Committee.

Obtaining the Facts:  ETA’s James W. MacIsaac Research Committee


Our members rely on us for objective analysis. The JWM Research Committee honors long-time ETA member James W. MacIsaac, a regional leader in transportation policy analysis. The JWM Research Committee is made up of transportation planning and engineering professionals, policy experts, and leaders in land use policy and site development. ETA’s research activities have supported legislators, State DOT and local agency professionals, and regional transportation advocacy organizations for nearly three decades.

Strength in Numbers

Our coalition continues to grow.  Our voice grows with every new member.  If you’re concerned about lagging investment in the region’s freeways, diversion of critical transportation revenues, and costly transit lines that will do little to relieve congestion, become a member of the ETA today!

Fixing I-405

Interstate 405 is the critical freeway linking cities throughout the Eastside. Research has shown that constructing general purpose capacity by building out the approved I-405 Master Plan Record of Decision is the only way to reduce congestion, reduce carbon emissions, maintain our quality of life and economic vitality. Current land use supports freeways as the primary means of moving people and goods. Failing to invest in I-405 means more diversion of traffic, longer and unpredictable travel times, and higher tolls for people who have no choices.  We stand with Eastsiders and say “Give us our lane back!” Learn more on our Fixing I-405 program page.

Investing in Roads & Freeways

Our State Constitution’s 18th Amendment dedicates highway and related revenue for highway purposes.  It’s time for the WSDOT to fix key bottlenecks at interchanges and lane reductions, coordinate traffic signals on arterial roads, and improve the pavement conditions, bridge conditions, and safety on roads throughout the Eastside.  Our State’s high motor fuel excise tax (the gas tax) needs to be spent wisely or we will face far greater costs in the future.  Learn more on our Protecting Transportation Investments program page.

Holding Sound Transit Accountable

Sound Move in 1996 promised results and Sound Transit didn’t deliver. Sound Transit 2 promised more results and now a revenue package exceeding $54 billion has been handed to an agency with an unelected board, a track record of cost overruns, poor performance, and non-responsiveness to the public and the customers it ostensibly serves. This out-of-control agency receives roughly $5.5 million per day in tax revenues and, when combined with other transit agencies, accounts for over half of the region’s transportation spending yet carries a fraction of the daily trips. We must reform Sound Transit's governance to bring a level of accountability the public expects.

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