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Legislative Agenda

Click here to view our 2019 Legislative Agenda!

James W. MacIsaac Research Committee

The James W. MacIsaac (JWM) Research Committee currently meets once each month. The members of the committee are researching legal, commercial, and administrative impacts of agency activities. The efforts of the JWM Research Committee supported publication of many of the documents referenced in the list of transportation resources, which are included below. For resources produced before 2011, please visit our archive.

Women of Washington Papers

ETA Board Member Vic Bishop, P.E. produced an 11-issue series for the Women of Washington covering various transportation topics. The entire volume is available, here.

Resources and Documents

Check out the links below to stay up with the latest ETA news and reports.

UPDATED I-405 Project List by City

December 2019

UPDATED I-405 Project list by Leg District

December 2019

I-405 Master Plan and East king County Project List

October 2019

Transportation 101 Video

July 2019

Transportation 102 Slide Deck

September 2019

Mode Split Projections for Bellevue

July 2019

Analysis of Bellevue's 2019-2030 TFP SEIS

May 2019

ETA Analysis of Main Street Bike Lane Propsosal

May 2019

ETA Analysis of I-405 projects Affecting Bellevue

January 2019

ETA Presentation "Finish the I-405 Master Plan Now"

November 2018

ETA Boardmember Todd Woosley on John Carlson Show (Starts at 19:40)

September 2018

ETA Chair Bishop and Boardmember Woosley Seattle Times Op-Ed "Get I-405 Flowing: Complete 16-Year Master Plan Now"

September 2018

ETA's Position on the I-405 HOV Lanes Between Bellevue and Lynnwood

December 6, 2017

RapidRide beats Light Rail

June 29, 2017

Memo to Senator Dino Rossi RE: St3 revenue

June 19, 2017

ST3 Breaks Promise to Voters

October 17, 2016

Mobility 21: A Report by Eastside Transportation Association

April 22, 2016

ETA Accomplishments 2015


ETA Speakers 2015



July 2015

How People Really Choose to Travel Today

July 2015

New taxes for Sound Transit? Now is not the time

December 31, 2014

Sound Transit Financing and 3-County Road & Transit Funding

November 19, 2014

The Major Neglect of Roadway Funding

June 2, 2014

Vote ‘no’ on Proposition 1, money better spent on roads

March 29, 2014

Annual Transportation Revenue, King County-Current Law

February 19, 2014

The CATES/CVPC Report: A Policy Roadmap for Large-Scale Transportation Demonstration Project

February 19, 2014

ETA Accomplishments for 2013


Summary of 2013 ETA Speakers

November 18, 2013

ETA Letter to Sound Transit

November 22, 2013

Metro Is Unfair

November 18, 2013

Is Metro "Crying Wolf"?

November 11, 2013

INRIX Presentation to eta - effects of 520 tolling on puget sound traffic

May 2013

Jim Horn - Public policy changes making things worse, not better

April 2013

ETA REports: The War on Cars


ETA REports: Raising Revenues the Right Way


ETA REports: What You Need to Know About HOT Lanes


Washington Roundtable Transportation Proposal


Bruce Nurse - "We Should Stop Waging a War on Cars"

Nov 2012 Seattle Times OpEd

John niles - The Future of Roads, Automobiles, and Public Transit

June 20, 2012

ETA ISSUES Press Release Appealing I-90 Ruling to the State Supreme Court

May 2012

ETA Reports: HOT Lanes on SR-167: A Financial & Operational Failure

August 2011

ETA Reports: ETA Guiding Principles for Funding of Highway Transportation Systems


ETA Brochure


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