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The Eastside Transportation Association (ETA) is a not-for-profit organization of community members, business members and transportation professionals committed to advocating for congestion relief in the Puget Sound Region. Our goal is to increase mobility, improve our quality of life, and retain our region’s economic competitiveness with a world-class transportation system consistent with current and future land use patterns and travel demand.

The ETA holds a monthly meeting, open to the general public, on the third Wednesday of every month at the Master Builders Building in Bellevue between 8:00-9:30AM.

January Monthly Meeting - Multimodal Plan & ETA Leg Agenda

Multimodal Implementation Plan (MIP), City of Bellevue


Kevin McDonald, City of Bellevue, Transportation Planning will update ETA on the Draft Multimodal Implementation Plan recently recommended by the Transportation Commission.  This is the revision to the City of Bellevue Traffic Standards Code that the Commission has been working on since mid-2021 and is moving into the public comment phase.  The Traffic Standards Code based on intersection and Mobility Management Area capacity is proposed to be replaced with a new “Standard” which will include metrics for all four modes of travel: vehicles, pedestrians, transit and bicycles.


Come find out what this is about.


ETA 2022 Legislative Objectives


Your ETA Board of Directors recently approved the attached ETA 2022 Legislative Objectives.  There are 16 objectives identified, several of which will be the subject of legislative discussion/action in the current 2022 legislative session.


Vic Bishop, ETA’s Legislative Committee Chair, will review the objectives.  Come and give your thoughts on our specific legislative agenda action items.


ETA Meeting details (Note – The time is 8:00 AM):


Eastside Transportation Association is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: ETA Monthly Meeting
Time: Jan 19, 2022 08:00 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting

Sound Transit "Realignment" & Bellevue Concurrency @ July Meeting

King County Councilmember & Sound Transit Boardmember Claudia Balducci joined ETA's monthly meeting on July 21 to discuss Sound Transit's plans for the Eastside. ETA's Vic Bishop also shared his analysis on why Bellevue's traffic is poised to get worse (and ultimately break concurrency requirements) within the decade.
Kemper Freeman Announces Mobility 21 @ ETA's April Meeting

On April 21, 2021, Kemper released Mobility 21 - The new low cost visionary plan to reduce congestion. His plan:

  • Saves Time: Cuts delays per trip versus the adopted regional plan by 40%;

  • Accommodates Growth: Reduces delays while accommodating a 30% increase in travel;

  • Saves Public Funds: Cuts plan costs by 40%

The ETA Meeting and the plan were covered by The Lens, at

View the video and read the full Mobility 21 Plan, here. Any questions should be forwarded to




ETA set its 2021 Legislative Agenda to include improvements and operations of I-405, fix culverts, responsible taxation and spending, and other key transportation policies and practices to reduce traffic congestion and improve mobility. 

View our approved agenda by clicking the PDF icon to the right.

ETA 2021 Legislative Priorities

ETA's November meeting hosted the following speakers to talk about the upcoming legislative session and how to get people moving on the Eastside and Washington state.

  • Representative Andrew Barkis (R) - 2nd District - Vice Chair Transportation Committee

  • Joe Fain - President & CEO - Bellevue Chamber of Commerce

  • Sheri Call - Executive VP - Washington State Trucking Association

  • Todd Woosley - Vice-Chair - Eastside Transportation Association

  • Scott Kuznicki - Modern Traffic Consultants - ACESNW - ETA Boardmember

ETA's Bold New Transportation Plan

ETA recently released our Bold New Transportation Plan for the Eastside during our September Monthly Meeting. The plan highlights key focus areas, like funding and prioritization, to get our region out of congestion sooner rather than later. We are already decades behind completing the I-405 Master Plan. We can't wait any longer. Click the slide below to download our latest presentation w/notes, or watch the presentation on the right.

ETA's conversation with Congressman Adam Smith & Demographia's Wendell Cox. See video below!
Introductions by Bellevue Mayor Lynne Robinson & Washington Policy Center's Mariya Frost
East King County Project List Update!
We have updated the PSRC / WSDOT project list to better reflect and convey information.
Join us for a candid conversation on solutions to reduce traffic congestion and improve our quality of life on the Eastside

-- Read our latest, "What you need to know about traffic" white paper --

The Latest From the Blog

Fixing I-405

Interstate 405 is the critical freeway linking cities throughout the Eastside. Research has shown that constructing general purpose capacity by building out the approved I-405 Master Plan Record of Decisionis the only way to reduce congestion, reduce carbon emissions, maintain our quality of life and economic vitality. Current land use supports freeways as the primary means of moving people and goods. Failing to invest in I-405 means more diversion of traffic, longer and unpredictable travel times, and higher tolls for people who have no choices.  We stand with Eastsiders and say “Give us our lane back!” Learn more on our Fixing I-405 program page.

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