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Bikeshare letter from ETA to Bellevue Council

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

The Eastside Transportation Association submitted an official letter to the Bellevue City Council regarding the status of conducting bike share rentals in the public right of way. In the letter, we ask the Council to confirm that this permitting condition – and all other permitted conditions – were met.

The bike rental contract states that the period would be one year long and conclude after the pilot. That is, unless the City Council and the Transportation Commission are informed by the City of their desire to extend the contract. To the ETA’s knowledge (and we will receive word from the City as to whether this condition was met) they have not informed both bodies for their plans to extend the pilot, at least publicly.

Additionally, the ETA recommends other steps that can be taken to ensure the quality of life in Bellevue is maintained and enhanced as the City continues to experience massive (and welcomed) growth Downtown and in other neighborhoods.

Bike rentals have been controversial – most notably due to their placement on sidewalks, as often noted by former head of the Washington State Department of Transportation Doug MacDonald.

Source: Doug MacDonald

In addition, data from the 108th Ave NE bikeway project shows that while bike ridership jumped 35 percent, it equates to just 25 actual bike riders per non-holiday weekday. Hardly a success on a road that carries more than 11,000 vehicles per day and countless numbers of bus riders on an official "Transit Priority Corridor."

The ETA always appreciates working with public officials and government agencies to improve mobility on the Eastside - and we thank them for listening to our concerns.

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