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Bellevue Travel in 2030

As population and employment continue to grow on the Eastside, transportation agencies are often tasked with running traffic models to anticipate this growth and it's associated impact to the transportation grid. These model runs, incorporated into transportation studies, can be extremely detail oriented and verbose. Vic Bishop, P.E. has taken the liberty of analyzing all of the plans - from Sound Transit's Eastlink project, City of Bellevue traffic models and the Puget Sound Regional Council plans (including WSDOT) - and combined them into the three easy-to-read charts shown below.

The data show that despite massive spending on BRT, Eastlink and other modes of transportation, not only will most person trips be taken by car in the future, but the growth in trips is still dominated by the private automobile.

Accommodating this trip demand is key to reducing traffic congestion - not simply "managing" it.

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